yeti001How many coolers have you owned over the years? Or should the question be, “how many coolers have you ruined over the years and thrown in the trash?” We have all had that experience, we buy a cooler that looks sturdy and then within a season or two the lid collapses because someone sat or stood on it. Or the hinge breaks when we try to cram one more item into the cooler. Or we load it full of food and ice and arrive at our destination only to find the ice melted and water running all over the vehicle from the leaking drain plug.

C H O O S E     Q U A L I T Y     ! ! !

yeti002When you head out in the field or on the water, shouldn’t the cooler you bring with be designed by sportsman that know how the cooler will be used? We think so and so do the Roy and Ryan Seiders, the founders of Yeti Coolers. As avid sportsman they faced the same issue we all have, a cooler that looked good in the big box store that just wouldn’t cut it. So they founded their company and developed coolers and related products that they would choose for their outdoor activities.